Regional Centre for Special Optics and Optoelectronic Systems TOPTEC

Optics and Measurement 2014

07.10.2014 - 10.11.2014
North Bohemian Museum in Liberec and Regional Gallery in Liberec, CZ





09:10-09:30Lédl Vít TOPTEC Centre and its technologies
09:30-10:10Stetson Karl: Holographic Interferometry: The first fifty years.
10:10-10:25Bourgenot Cyril: Tool offset optimisation for the machining of freeform optics with a xnon-zero gradient at the centre.
10:25-10:40Hoogstrate Andre: Manufacturing of high precision aspherical and freeform optics.
10:40-11:10COFFEE BREAK
11:10-11:25Šulc Miroslav: Jamin interferometer for precise measurement of refractive index of gases.
11:25-11:40Kašpar Pavel: Optical scattering in muscle tissue and its utilisation.
11:40-11:55Kunc Stěpán: High sensitive method for optical birefringence measurement.
11:55-12:10Kmetík Viliam: Development of large aperture composite adaptive optics.
12:10-12:25Mužík Jiří: Methods and systems for optics measurement, measurement methods employing optical principle Precise curvature measurement of Yb:YAG thin disk.
14:10-14:40Krentík Rudolf: Commercial prezentation: CrossBeam – first FIB made Carl Zeiss.
14:40-15:20Lormeau Jean Pierre: Field proven technologies for fabrication of high-precision aspheric and freeform optical surfaces.
15:20-15:50COFFEE BREAK
15:50-16:20Březina Petr Commercial Prezentation: Lao - průmyslové systémy, s.r.o.
16:20-16:50Uxa Štěpán Commercial Prezentation: CRYTUR, spol. s r.o.
17:10-22:00Excursion to the largest dam of the Jizera Mountains (Josefuv dul), Dinner in restaurant Autentica (Sokolská 1365, Liberec)


08:30-09:10Gubbels Guido: Melt spun aluminium in optical manufacturing.
09:10-09:25Wang Xin: Multilayer surface profiling.
09:25-09:40Pokorný Petr: Gravity induced deflection of a reference plate and tested plane surfaces and its influence on optical measurement with the Fizeau interferometer.
09:40-09:55Vanda Jan: Progress in design of advanced LIDT station in HiLASE project.
09:55-10:10Lazar Josef: Advanced interferometry systems for dimensional measurement in nanom
10:10-10:40COFFEE BREAK
10:40-11:10Bezděk Pavel Commercial Prezentation: Meopta - optika, s.r.o.
11:10-11:25Hamrozi František Commercial Presentation: TERINVEST, s.r.o.
11:25-11:40Pintr Pavel: A new discovery of ELL variable star in Centaurus and possibility of detection new exoplanets with telescope FRAM.
11:40-11:55Thomas Arnold: Ion Beam and Plasma Jet based methods in ultra-precision optics manufacturing.
11:55-12:10Dallaeva Dinara: Local topography of optoelectronic substrates prepared by dry plasma etching process.
12:10-12:25Jankůj Jiří: The preparation of antireflective coatings on the germanium substrate.
13:25-13:40Possolt Martin: Optical security elements based on waveguide effects.
13:40-13:55Tsutsumi Toshiaki: Study of (0001) InGaN SQW optical memory effect correlated to the increase of intense emission local domains by time-resolved photoluminescence and thermal and pressure dependence.
13:55-14:10Havran Vlastimil: Software simulator for design and optimization of the kaleidoscopes for the surface reflectance measurement.
14:10-14:25Jákl Petr: In-situ aberration correction of Bessel beams using spatial light modulator.
14:25-14:40Jasikova Darina: Time resolved PIV measurement of fluid dynamics in agitated vessels.
14:40-14:55Inneman Adolf: Mechanical properties measurement of Carbon Fiber Composites for cosmic applications in space.
14:55-15:25COFFEE BREAK
15:25-15:40Uhlířová Tereza: Quantitative microstructural characterization of transparent YAG ceramics via microscopic image analysis using stereological relations.
15:40-15:55Vojna David: Cooling options for high-average-power laser mirrors.
15:55-16:10Mrňa Libor: Deformable mirror for high power laser applications.
16:10-16:25Polak Jarda: Super-polishing of Zerodur aspheres by means of conventional polishing technology.
16:25-16:40Schäfer Patrick: Quantification of synthetic lens surface characters by an optical measurement system as a profilometer.
16:40-16:55Mokrý Pavel: Macroscopic properties of polydomain ferroelectrics studied using digital holographic interferometry.
17:30-21:00INFORMAL MEETING - Restaurant Autentica (Sokolská 1365, Liberec)

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